It needs to be said.

If anyone ever wondered why I seem to dislike so many comic book readers even though I am one myself, it's because their stupid tastes and buying habits force talented creator folks like Mark Waid to make observations such as this one in an interview with Comic Book Resources writer Robert Taylor:

MW: ...The moment all the reviews started coming in they all said, "It's fun." "It's fun." "It's fun." I started to sweat, because "fun" is a death word in comics these days.

RT: If you kill off Hawkeye, people are going to hate it, but at least they are going to buy twenty of it.

MW: That's just it.

"Fun, fun, fun" being our rap makes me worried. Sales were strong on the first issue, but the second issue drop-off was a little steeper than we'd predicted. And I honestly think that was because every reviewer said it was "fun."

"Fun" automatically kills off a lot of your sales. Don't get me wrong; the book's still a success in the current market, and no one at DC has expressed anything but enthusiasm. We certainly seem to have a hit on our hands, George and I. I just hope that the "fun" label doesn't hit us too hard. If so, it's just another sign that current readers don't want "fun" comics.

RT: You should have Blue Beetle raped by his armor or something.

Stuff like this makes me want to say that a whole lot of comic book readers today are sick cretins, and that I'm often ashamed to be even tangentially connected with their ilk, but that may be too harsh.

True, but harsh.