An important message to you, from the editor -- about the new Trusty!

Okay, there's nothing so new about this, not really. I just wanted to use the cover blurb from Amazing Fantasy #15. Sue me.

The blog-cation went well. It was nice to get away from things for a little while, and to take a little time to figure out what I'm doing (and how to do it) with this here blog. For whatever reason, all of the unpleasantness circulating and re-circulating and re-re-circulating in the comics bloggysphere was really getting to me. I don't really know why; it's not like I was being forced to participate in it. And as the record shows, I didn't. Hell, I don't even run an all-comics blog here. I think it all comes down to a matter of purpose.

Trusty Plinko Stick has a purpose, believe it or not - it's my little place to talk about the stuff I find fun in both pop culture and in life itself. Not many people in my family or group of friends share a lot of my interests, I work weird hours that don't allow for maintaining much of a social circle... this is my outlet for that. The fact that I get any sort of audience is truly amazing to me. I'm not getting Bully, Mikester, or Kevin numbers, mind you, but considering the average blog is said to allegedly reach an audience of one... well, I'm doing a lot better than that, and I'm grateful. But I'd be putting this out there even if none of you showed up on even a semi-regular basis. As I said, this is my outlet, and a much needed one at that. Erin loves me, but she could give exactly 1/63 of a damn about my belief that Elliot S! Maggin was the perfect Superman writer. And if it doesn't involve Elmo, Liam won't listen, either. So it's either the internet or keep it all to myself. And I come from a family of extensive talkers... we can't keep anything to ourselves for long.

So to make a long story short (FAR too late), damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. I started this blog to talk about the things I find fun, and that's what I'm going to do. That's not to say I won't ever voice the occasional complaint or rant here - ranting is what the internet is here for, after all - but if you want discussions and debates about the issues and outrages of the day (on any topic, really, not just comics), well, there's a lot of other really great places you can go for that sort of thing, and I encourage you to do so. Me, I just want to bring the fun.

(Though I will go on record that Marvel's salute to the Japanese tentacle fetish genre - Hello, Googlers! - is repulsive on about 23 distinct levels. Just want to put that out there.)

So this isn't a new beginning or repurposing, certainly not on the level of the Amazing Fantasy to Amazing Spider-Man transition, anyway. Maybe more of a refocus. Sometimes you need that.

So what's everyone enjoying these days?

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  1. Bully, Mikester, or Kevin numbers

    Whoa. One of these things is not like the others. (Seriously, I consider it a great honor but I'm not even workin' at their level!)

    And as for blogging: do what brings your joy and fun, even if that is through ranting. One of the things I realized in the past six months is that having no agenda other than my own takes a lot of stress off of the cruel mistress that is Blogger. Sure, I like links and comments, but one of the posts I'm the most proud of and will always remember fondly has no comments. And that doesn't detract from me looking at it and saying "Hey, that was a pretty nice piece of writing."

    Stay the course, Mister Plinko!