Hot reading action! Or, brief thoughts on recent comics.

I made a pretty good stab at cutting down the "To Read" pile over the past few days. At least until I got that pile of Free Comic Book Day books, anyway (speaking of which, anyone get a spare copy of the Buzzboy/Roboy Red book? I couldn't find that one and I really wanted it). So here are some super-brief thoughts (a sentence or two, Tegan-style) on the books from my recent DCBS order.

Supergirl & the Legion of Super-Heroes #s 28 & 29 - So Waid and Kitson left earlier than expected... anyone know why? Anyway, despite a mid-storyline creative team shift, still good fun, and that allays my fears about the new directions a bit (though I still say they should give the book to Christopher Bird).

All Star Superman #7 - Probably the issue of this series I've liked the least so far (probably because it wasn't a done-in-one), but still better than just about everything else around, so I'll not complain. Even with my misgivings, there are lots of great moments (I'd love to own the Sun-Eater original pages; such a brilliant sequence), and I'm looking forward to learning about Zibarro, the imperfect Bizarro.

Green Lantern Corps #11 - More space-faring, Hal-less Green Lantern fare, and I'm digging it. Loved the interplay between Soranik Natu and her new partner, Guy's completely justifiable anger, and the Kilowog subplot; I just wish they'd let John Stewart join the regular cast and use Mogo more sparingly, though.

Optic Nerve #11 - I was afraid I'd be lost here, having read part two of this story when it came out last year, but I got back into the swing of things quickly, and I was happy to see all the characters get what they more or less deserved. Though at a whole calendar year (or more) in between issues, I think Tomine needs to stick with single issue stories from now on.

Brave and the Bold #3 - A book that plays in the entirety of the DC sandbox where no one gets their head punched through on-panel? Non-asshole Batman, nervous rookie Blue Beetle, the Lord of Time, the Fatal Five, and one of the better last page splash panels I've seen in years? Yes, please; I'll take two.

Spirit #5 - Sure, Carrion and Julia are creepy, but they were back in the Eisner originals, too; maybe not to this degree, but still, it was definitely there. Consistently one of my two favorite books published by DC right now - the other being All Star Superman, and this was actually better this month - and it had one of the best lines ever in any book not called Nextwave: "Don't be stupid, kids need sugar like hobos need bathtub gin!"

Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #1 - I wished it had been an original story, rather than a slightly different take on the premiere episode of the cartoon, but it was a fun introduction to the characters, and this is probably the best that Chynna Clugston's artwork has looked on any of her major company projects.

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four #1 - All set-up, but it was a lot of fun, and great to see Wieringo drawing both Spidey and the FF again. Parker came through with some great beats in the script, including one of the best-ever Thing/Torch practical jokes, and the interaction between Spidey and the Impossible Man. Can't wait for issue 2.

Marvel Adventures Avengers #12 - Ego the Loving Planet is a great concept on paper, but it didn't quite play out as well as I was hoping it would. Still a lot of fun, but it didn't quite manage to recapture the inspired lunacy of the MODOC issue. But to be fair, that's a lot to live up to.

Johnny Hiro #1 - Book about a guy in bunny slippers forced to save his girlfriend from a Godzilla knock-off? Sold. Hilarious book, well drawn, well-paced, smart, and fun in every sense of the word. The non Morrison-and/or-Cooke highlight of this shipment.