Cream of Mushroom Soup

I'm invoking the Official Mark Evanier Cream of Mushroom Soup Picture Post and taking a short break. There's lots of stuff going on in life and work. And The comics bloggyverse is getting me down lately. A lot. What with all the sniping over what comics are aimed at which audience, and all the incessant chatter about that stupid, stupid statue... honestly people, it's looking more like Newsarama out there every day. And although I started this blog to give myself an outlet to write semi-regularly, I'm lately nagged by thoughts that it's kind of keeping me from actually writing anything else.

So it's time to take a blogcation. Take a few steps back and figure out where things are going, or if they're even going anywhere at all. Type to you soon.


  1. Take a nice break and come back! It is depressing when several bloggers are gun-shy to post comments or images because of commotion. I try to keep to positive and smaller blogs.

  2. I hear you, Bill. One needs a blogcation from time to time.