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Want to get a song stuck in your head for-damn-near-ever?

How to quadruple (or more) your blog traffic overnight:

The Dig List: 5/29/07

It's important to know who's in your posse.

The stuffing is strong in this one.

An important message to you, from the editor -- about the new Trusty!

Please be upstanding for the mayor of Simpleton.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Wanna buy a reprint of Seduction of the Innocent?

Pretty Sketchy - This am not Bizarro by Ed McGuinness

And in happier news...

It needs to be said.

The name doesn't really work at all, but I'm glad they're using it all the same.

Thoughts while continuing to wade through the "To Read" pile: FCBD edition.

Starman trade paperback eBay blow-out! (If five books constitutes a blow-out, anyway.)

Hot reading action! Or, brief thoughts on recent comics.

I'd buy this in a heartbeat.

Links and something to watch.

I'm a bit scared to put them all in a pile, for fear of being crushed should they fall.

A Nearly Perfect Comic Book Cover