Wanna see my poor t-shirt design?

The Photoshoppery was poor, but I stand by the concept, meant as a loving tribute to everyone's favorite blogging bovine (and inspired by the Magneto shirts seen in Grant Morrison's New X-Men and the Bully shirt seen in Church & Birdie's The Rack). Feel free to adapt and improve as necessary.


Bully said…
What's black and white and red all over? A little stuffed bull blushing at the wonderful t-shirt design you've created.

Whoa. I just...I just love it. Bill, like Ben Grimm, you totally rock. Thanks!
Bill D. said…
I'm glad you approve! Now I just need to find a way to actually get it on a t-shirt.
Bully said…
Bill, would you have any objection to me using the design in my sadly un-updated CafePress store? Not to make any money, of course; just so that people who want the shirt can get it. (I don't mark up my CafePress stuff.)

I'd be happy to add a byline at the bottom of the printed image that says you created it if you wish.

If you'd rather not, that's absolutely cool. I have no intention of persuading you into a work-for-hire contract where you don't actually get anything for hire. (Well, a free t-shirt, at least!)
Bill D. said…
No objection at all. It'd be an honor, actually! I wouldn't say no to a teeny tiny credit somewhere, though, and yeah, a free shirt would be nice! ^_^

Send me an email at prufrock30 AT hotmail DOT com if you want to discuss further.