I wish they'd bring back the go-go checks: DC solicits for July

And in the interest of fairness, here's what looks interesting (or in one case, pretty frightening) from the solicitations for DC stuff shipping in July. Full info found here and here.

All New Atom #13 – I may be one of the only ones, but I liked Sword of the Atom back in the day (mostly for the Gil Kane art, but still), so I'm interested to see Gail Simone and Mike Norton revisit the concept. Plus, this is quickly becoming my favorite mainstream DCU book (which means it’ll be cancelled any day now), so I’d be buying it anyway. (Have I typed about the sheer glee All New Atom brings me? I should do that sometime soon.)

All Star Batman #6 – I said this way back when this was originally solicited in 1802, but I really dig this cover. It ties into my whole Yvonne Craig-fueled thing for cute depictions of Batgirl. And who knew Frank Miller could even do cute?

Brave and the Bold #5 – Like having the Legion as drawn by Perez in this issue wasn’t enough to make me wanna buy it, anyway, it looks like Batman is wearing a flight ring on the cover. That might well qualify as a "f--- yeah!" image if ever I saw one.

Green Lantern Corps #14 – Looks like it crosses over into the whole Sinestro Corps story in the regular GL book... I hope the latter isn't required to understand what's going on in the former, because I’m not interested, thanks( I like to keep my GL reading as Hal-free as possible). I hope we get the cover-promised Soranik Natu vs. Sinestro fight, though.

Justice Society of America Vol. 1: The Next Age – After three issues, I decided I’d buy this book in trade paperback format instead. So, naturally, the first book collects the first four issues (is that even the full story?). And it’s a $20 hardcover to boot, without even having the class to be as good a deal as the Iron Fist book. Razzafrazza… You know what? Even if this is way cheap through DCBS, I’ll still wait on the trade for this one. I refuse to reward DC’s dumbassery on this one…

The Spirit #8 – This is still the best book DC publishes that isn’t called All Star Superman. Just wanted to remind everyone.

Supergirl and the LSH #32 – That solicit is a little spoilery, don't you think? Razzafrazzapart2… Anyway, that aside, it sounds good. Not as good as the stuff Christopher Bird is pitching to the world, but it’ll do for now.

Tangent Comics Vol. 1 – It’s kinda cool to see this get traded – I guess Ion was good for something after all – but it doesn’t seem to contain the first Joker book, or Secret Six, which along with Green Lantern were my favorites from the first batch of Tangent titles. The “Volume 1” leads me to believe we’ll see the rest collected over time, which is cool, but that $20 price point is steep for books you can still find in dollar (or cheaper) bins.

Unbelievably Ugly and Frightening to Small Children and Animals Supergirl Vinyl Statue - What the holy hell is up with this thing? Just when you think they couldn't mess that poor girl up any more. Ugh. And why is it vinyl? Is it easier to clean, um, fluids off of vinyl than ceramic?

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