Haven't done one of these in awhile... Marvel Solicitations for July.

This isn't a list of everything, and it doesn't even reflect what I might buy, just stuff I think looks interesting (for good or ill) among the Marvel books shipping in July 2007. The full list is here or here.

Avengers Classic #2 - I personally need a monthly Avengers reprint book like I need a fourth arm (three are just fine, thanks), but it's kinda cool that it's out there, since I sometimes sort of miss all the various Marvel reprint books of yore (Marvel Tales, Marvel's Greatest Comics, Marvel's Merely Passable Comics, etc.). Another excellent Art Adams cover, though. Release a comic of his covers and I'd actually consider it.

The Champions #1 - Mighty Avengers #1 taught me that post-Civil War mainstream Marvel isn't really for me. And given the lineage of this particular team name, well there's strike 2. But the concept sounds surprisingly interesting, I liked Kitson's work on Legion, and I'm super-interested in Matt Fraction's work after hearing his great Comic Geek Speak interview a month or two back. So despite initial misgivings, I may have to give this a shot.

Giant Size Marvel Adventures Avengers # 1 - Okay, I will actually quote the solicitation copy on this one: "Remember your history–The Avengers didn't thaw out Captain America, and Kang the Conqueror became Master of the World throughout all time. To make a brighter future, our heroes have to go to the 1950's and enlist the help of The Agents of ATLAS! Plus extras!"

How am I ever going to switch to the digests on on this book if they keep doing stories I want to read immediately? I'll try and hold back, but it'll be difficult, Oh, well played, House of Ideas... well played.

New Avengers Illuminati 4 - So Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy is 616 continuity again? I thought that was later written off as the unofficial first Ultimate book, or that it was just a generic alternate Marvel universe or something. Was I imagining all that?

New Avengers/Transformers #1 - I'm also ashamed to admit it, because I'm not a big fan of either party involved in this particular equation, but this sounds way more fun then it should. I think they had me at "the Decepticons and Dr, Doom." Definitely a wait for the trade - or better yet, convention dollar boxes - though.

Super-Villain Team-Up / MODOK's 11 # 1 - Sweet Jebus, this couldn't sound any more perfect if they tried. I should really wait for the trade, but if it's a small enough month otherwise, I may have to pick this up.

Thor #1 - With JMS at the helm, I have nothing but trepidation about this book. However, I do like the Olivier Coipel cover. Kinda generic, but well-designed. I dig the new armor, which is reminiscent of both the original Kirby costume and the Simonson-era armored suit, but still original and snappy.

Devil Dinosaur Omnibus - Really? I mean, really really? I like it and all - it's Kirby at his "I just don't care if it's even remotely coherent at this point" best - but I think it'd be better off in paperback like the 70s Black Panther series. At least they're not charging Eternals price for it, I guess.

Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1: The Last Iron Fist Story - Well, I'm glad that this exists, since I liked the first issue but found the ad placement to be so awful as to interrupt the story flow. So like many others, I decided I'd pick it up once it got collected. I was hoping for a trade paperback, though, and not a "premiere hardcover." But then again, the $19.99 price point is only a buck or two more than they'll probably charge for the eventual trade, so it all comes down to finance and patience, I guess. If DCBS makes this a 50% off item, it may be too hard to pass up.

Invaders Classic Vol. 1 - While it's cool that they're also including the Liberty Legion story from Marvel Premiere, I see no reason why this shouldn't have been an Essential instead.

Captain America: War & Remembrance - It's excellent that they're bringing this back in print, since the too-brief Stern/Byrne run is my favorite Cap era ever (Sorry Gruenwald run, I loves ya and all, but, you know, Cap Wolf. And Superia Stratagem. And the one where Cap gets hopped up on Ice.). Glad I picked this up the first time around, when it only cost half as much (and I think I picked this up at a con, too, so I think it actually ended up costing a quarter as much).

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