Comics links and Bat-pedestrian safety.

Top Shelf is having a crazy big sale for their 10th anniversary, and like some sort of discount electronics merchant, their prices are insane! Or at least very, very good. Three clams for Tricked? That's a hell of a deal. Sadly, the $30 suggested pre-shipping purchase doesn't really fit into my financial picture at the moment (why couldn't they do this at the end of the month when I'd probably have some birthday loot to spend?), so I don't get to play this time around, but if you have the means, you really should take a gander.

This may never come to pass, but it really should. Please, God, please let Christopher Bird write the Legion of Super-Heroes.

John August, screenwriter for the Captain Marvel (Shazam) movie, on the sort of material he's not consulting for his script: (via)

Why I’m not including the vintage collections

DC publishes hardcover anthologies that gather up decades’ worth of Captain Marvel comics. If I were writing a dissertation on the evolution of the Captain Marvel character, these would be invaluable. But I’m not. So every time I read one of these, I’m struck with the same realization I encounter trying to watch The Honeymooners or a black-and-white movie: Wow. Old things suck.

I'll refrain from playing the Fanboy Entitlement Card on this for fear of sounding like those people who protest every change in the Transformers movie ("What do you mean Hugo Weaving's voicing Megatron? Waaaaaaah!"*), but the "Wow. Old things suck." thing will earn him a vigorous beating about the head and neck when I reshape reality to my own whims. The only person I let get away with that sort of attitude is my wife, and that's only because she's really, really cute.

Robbery and jaywalking. Joker's as evil as they come, huh?

*Seriously, Transformers fans, get over this. Weaving will do an awesome job, and it's not like Frank Welker will ever hurt for more voice-over work. The man's been working since the 60s. His IMDB page lists nearly 550 individual acting and V/O credits. He probably lives a very comfortable life in a very nice house. Weep not for Frank Welker.

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