(MS Paint + Micro Heroes) x Boredom = This

It's spring break, and the library's still open. Factor in the snowy weather, and it's pretty dead in here. So it has come to this: fantasy super-team building, which as we all know, is like Rotisserie League baseball or March Madness brackets for nerds.

My Marvel Team:

Ms. Marvel is field commander, since she's got the military background and Something To Prove To Herself & The World. Iron Fist is sort of the silent co-commander; he's bankrolling the whole deal, so that gives him clout and say in how things are run, but he mostly just wants to play Kung-Fu Billionaire (nickname courtesy of Matt Fraction on his Comic Geek Speak interview) and kick people in the head. Spider-Man is in there for tech wizardry, street sense, and humor value (and I'm getting to actually prefer the black costume in my old age). The Thing is the obvious power house, and besides, he's everyone's buddy, anyway, and if Wolverine can moonlight on other teams, why can't he? Kitty Pryde is your espionage go-to, as well as another tech-head; and naturally, Lockheed's along for the ride. Howard the Duck is there because, well, he can be, and we need the comedy relief character. And last but not least, Nocturne; as the alternate-universe daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch, she has a nice mix of both their powers, which could prove useful in all kinds of situations.

My DC Team:

Mr. Terrific is your leader; he's the world's third smartest man (By the way, who are the top two?), you're gonna argue with that? Green Lantern Soranik Natu is the requisite GL Corps representative. The android Hourman has space & time at his command, so that's all kinds of useful. Zatanna fills the dual roles of powerful mage and fishnet stocking wearer, which are always needed on DC teams. The new Atom, Ryan Choi, is your resident scientist and spy. Thunder (CeCe Binderbeck), the Marvel Family member from the far future and one-time Legionaire, is here because I enjoy the idea that the energetic teen girl hero is also the powerhouse. Robin combines the detective and head-kicking skills of a Bat-family member with about 1/3 less angst. Oracle (Barbara Gordon) is your source of information and tactical planning. And Bat-Mite just thinks he's being helpful.

I think my DC team would be a real force to be reckoned with, with a really great mix of powers and experience. The Marvel team is good, but still seems to be missing something... maybe another flyer, someone with stronger magic skills, or a more official scientist type. I don't know... I'm open to suggestions.

No real reason for doing this other than to pass the time. It was kinda fun, though, but a chilling reminder of what happens when you give a nerd too much spare time. Always keep the dorks in your life mentally engaged, folks!


  1. There's too many comedians in that Marvel Team...

  2. Given how opposed I am to the whole Civil War vibe in the Marvel Universe right now, I actually consider that a good thing.