"Meme" sounds like something Beaker would say.

Well look at that. It's that soundtrack meme!

Opening Credits:
"Once in a Lifetime" by Talking Heads – Probably a clichéd choice, but it sort of sums up how I feel most days, so not entirely inappropriate.

Waking Up:
“Rhubarb Pie (Hot Commodity)” by The Laurie Berkner Band – Seeing as Liam is my alarm clock, a song from his very favorite singer (possibly even very favorite person) is appropriate. Plus, this one is bouncy and fun.

First Day At School:“My Name is Jonas” by Weezer – Not sure how this would work, but it’s an awesome song, so it’ll do.

Falling In Love:
Fascination Street” by The Cure – Well, Erin and I were listening to the Cure when we first kissed (though it was a live version of “Just Like Heaven” actually playing), so this kinda works.

Fight Song:
“Gigantor” by Helmet – My fight scene involves giant robots? Oh. Hell. Yes.

Breaking Up:
New York City” by They Might Be Giants – Hmm… this is actually about lovers getting back together, so maybe it works on a hopeful level?

“Can’t Buy Me Love” by The Beatles – We had a lot of early 90s dance music at our prom. Some Beatles would’ve been appreciated.

“Election Day” by The Replacements – Not the ‘Mats song I would’ve chosen (that’d probably be the so-called Tim version of “Can’t Hardly Wait”), but I’ll take it, I guess.

Mental Breakdown:
“You’ve Got a Chance” by Bad Religion – Apparently I have a very socially conscious mental breakdown.

“That Thing You Do!” by the Wonders – Very upbeat drive, so I must not be going to work.

“Lone Wolf” by the Eels – I’d think “Saturday Morning” would be a better choice from the Eels, personally, but at least this is from the same album.

Getting Back Together:
“Elenore” by Boy Wonder – Excellent cover of my favorite Turtles song, and the sort of thing I’d probably say in such a situation: “You’re my pride and joy, et cetera!”

“My Problem (live)” by Dance Hall Crashers – Well, I got married on purpose, and the day went pretty well, so I wouldn’t call it particularly problematic. Also, little-to-no ska was involved.

Birth of Child:
“Cesspool” by Blake Babies – Oh, Juliana, that’s just mean! Just because my son doesn’t like your music yet doesn’t mean he won’t eventually be brainwashed into it!

Final Battle:
“She Blinded Me With Science” by Thomas Dolby – Nerdiest Final Battle Ever.

Death Scene:
“Man on the Moon” by Sugar – Um, okay? I don’t know this song so well, and I don’t have my headphones at the moment, so I can’t really listen to it right now, so I’ll have to take the pod’s word for it.

Funeral Song:
“One Less Set of Footsteps” by Jim Croce – Well, that’s just kinda sad, isn’t it?

End Credits:
“Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash – Screen quick fades to black, and then in start the trumpets. Yeah, that’ll do.


  1. Fantastic soundtrack. I'd see that movie.

    I wrote a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan fiction once where Joel faced off against Frank in a battle on a tightrope above Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America. To the tunes of "She Blinded Me with Science." That, my friend, is the nerdiest battle ever.

  2. If you've seen the They Might Be Giants documentary, Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns, "New York City" takes on an entirely different meaning.

  3. Bully - That sounds awesome! Did you write the sort of MST3K fic that riffed on other fanfic posts, or was it sort of a continuing adventure thing starring the characters (I remember seeing one on rec.arts.tv.mst3k once called ToRgO, Knees of Fate, which I thought was kinda clever)?

    De - I have seen that, actually, and you're right... seeing how much of the movie is filmed literally days before 9/11 and then seeing them perform the song during the closing credits is weirdly moving.