Free stuff is always cool.

To celebrate the first day of Spring (not that you'd know it from the temperature at the moment... ah, March in New England), Dunkin Donuts has declared today (Wednesday, March 21st) Free Iced Coffee Day. You get a free small iced coffee, and you're not even required to buy anything else, so for once a freebie really is free. Go figure. If you live in the Northeast, you really don't have an excuse for not stopping by, since there's a DD every few miles (hell, if you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, there's probably one on your street, if not directly in your living room).

You know what else is excellent? Free comics. You can read the first issue of Ape Entertainment's The Black Coat: A Call to Arms for free over on ComicSpace. There are preview pages available for the rest of the series, as well as the upcoming sequel, "...Or Give Me Death." I'll be checking this out myself later today, since the concept sounds very cool: a Revolutionary War-era Batman/Shadow type fighting British troops and monsters. I hear good things (of course, all you have to say is "monsters" and I'm there, but still).

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