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The Kirby Meme: Someone Had to Say It.

If you're in the Boston ara, you should go to this.

Pretty Sketchy - Mary Marvel by Andrew Charipar

Some quick comic thoughts, trade paperback edition

R.I.P. Marshall Rogers

Un-Easy Reader, that's my name.

Free stuff is always cool.

Good news and gooder news.

You got your movie in my meme! You got your meme in my movie!

They were more than just movies.

"Meme" sounds like something Beaker would say.

Hey kids, eBay!

(MS Paint + Micro Heroes) x Boredom = This

Always Remember...

Today's Reading Rainbow books are...

Links, a comment or two, and maybe a future episode of Maury Povich.

Roger Ailes is the real life J. Jonah Jameson, isn't he? (Spoilery, so watch out if you care about that sort of thing.)

More brief-ish thoughts.

More evidence that no one ever proofreads this stuff.

Ray Palmer: Superhero, Notorious "To Do" List Maker

The Plain Janes, Mutation, and Superman (Or, One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others)