Hello, thanks for stopping by. You don't happen to have a blowtorch on you by any chance?

Hi to everyone who came over from the link over at Mike's site. Of course, that was a day or two ago now, and you're probably not seeing this unless you clicked over from Mike's site and liked what you saw enough to come back. So, if that's the case, hi. Welcome back. And if you haven't come back since then, well, I wasn't talking to you, anyway.

Also, thanks to Joanna for her very kind email.

Well, the big ol' winter storm that dumped a lot of snow on pretty much the rest of the East Coast only saw fit to deposit ice here. Lots and lots of ice. So while I hate snow, and am incredibly thankful I didn't have to spend an entire day shoveling out my pain-in-the-ass, no-plow-guy-will-touch-it narrow horseshoe of a driveway, I can't say I'm terribly impressed with the alternative, either. Snow, at least, can be moved. The layer of ice left on the ground (and every other imaginable surface) was incredibly thick, and would outright laugh at any attempt to put down rock salt (ice is sort of a bastard that way; it's the Reggie Mantle of winter conditions - sometimes it's your friend, but the rest of the time, all you get is derisive laughter). But on the plus side, the Disney on Ice folks have announced plans for an extensive tour of my front yard. I'm hoping they'll do Lilo and Stitch or The Incredibles, but I'd settle for Finding Nemo.