Alternate Universe TiVo! Slightly Less Than Current Events! eBay! Oh, there's lots of stuff here today.

Kitty and Lyle both sounded like they were having so much fun with their Alternate Universe TiVos that I had to run out and get one for myself. I even opted for the fancy model that allows you record shows from two different realities at once. Sure, my kid'll go hungry, but I've learned to love television again, and I think that's what's really important here.

Anyway, some highlights:
  • Season 3 of Wonderfalls started a lot darker than I would've liked (what with Jaye being thrown in the asylum by her family when she couldn't convince them the talking animals telling her what to do were real and all), but it managed to turn around pretty quickly. The voice casting for the animals has been brilliant. Charles Nelson Reilly as the postcard of the Thompson's gazelle was particularly inspired.
  • At first, I thought that a contemporary update of H.R. Pufnstuf that was closer to The Prisoner in tone than Wizard of Oz couldn't possibly work, but I'm glad to be wrong. Some truly disturbing television here, but I just can't stop watching. And to think that (SPOILER WARNING) Witchie Poo was actually working for Freddie the Flute all along... never saw that coming! You don't tend to see evil mastermind tendencies in enchanted wind instruments, you know? That sort of behavior usually happens over in strings.
  • As newscasts go, the WHIZ Evening News with Billy Batson is a little less polished than the other networks, but Batson's youth and the way he seems to address every story directly to the viewers are refreshing. Funny how many emergencies reported before the commercial breaks are taken care of by Captain Marvel by the time the show comes back on, though, huh? And what's with all the lightning in Fawcett City, anyway?
  • I love that show about the Mexican wrestler-turned-junk dealer, El Santo and Son. I always laugh at that one running gag where something bad will happen to El Santo, and then he'll clutch his chest and shout, "¡Elizabeth! ¡Ă‰ste es el grande! ¡Estoy viniendo ensamblarle miel!"* Hilarity!
  • Eugene Levy's new sitcom, "Hit by Smeds, Loved by Smeds" is a classic in the making, mark my words.**

Okay, so the Boston thing? I may be in the minority here, but I'm glad to see there are some sort of repercussions for this. Somebody somewhere overreacted, sure - maybe Boston city officials watch a lot of CSI or Bones or something, where if a Lite Brite shows up somewhere incongruously, you better believe someone's getting blowed up real good - but if this really had been some sort of threat and something bad did happen, people would've been yelling that the city showed a lack of preparedness. So really, there's no way Boston was gonna win here. At least they get some of that fat Turner cash in return for their trouble.

Plus, in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that A.) I thought that one "suspect" who only wanted to talk about 70s hairstyles during the press conference wasn't being funny, but instead acting like a rectum; and B.) I don't find Aqua Teen Hunger Force funny at all***, am tired of hearing people rave about it, and apparently get some sort of weird kick about it receiving any sort of negative publicity. I am occasionally small-minded and vindictive. But I'm a decent cook, so I like to think everything evens out in the end.

Yup, more eBay:

The Greatest Flash Stories Ever Told trade paperback (1992)

Ghost World trade paperback

DC Direct 1st Appearance Riddler figure, loose but complete

Blue Beetle (current series) #s 1 and 2

Blue Beetle (1980s series) #s 1, 5, 17 and 18

New Teen Titans 12, 17, 19-22, 25, 45, Annual 2 (relisted; and technically, #45 is after the title changed to Tales of the New Teen Titans, but whatever)

You know the drill!

* Yes, I actually went to the trouble of using Babel Fish to translate the Redd Foxx heart attack bit. This is the level of service I'm providing you people!
** Only Erin will get this.
*** Except for the Adult Swim promo where Meatwad kept saying how the A.S. schedule was made up of shows like The Jeffersons, Good Times, and What's Happenin'; that was actually pretty good.

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  1. Awww... Smeds. Maybe Jeremy or Annie would remember Smeds. Other than that - it's a secret only the two of us share.