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New York Comic Con: Day 2 Recap

New York Comic Con: Day 1 Recap

I went to the New York Comic Con and all I got was this giant armload of books to read.

If San Diego is Nerd Prom, does that make New York the Nerd Semi-Formal?

Offered without comment. Okay. that's a lie. Offered with a choice of comments.

The Greatest Picture I've Ever Seen. Today, Anyway.

Don't I ever get tired of being wrong?

A smattering of stuff - Oksner, Heroes, On-Panel Death, & Dogs

Hello, thanks for stopping by. You don't happen to have a blowtorch on you by any chance?

Yet Another 100 Reasons I Love Comics


Alternate Universe TiVo! Slightly Less Than Current Events! eBay! Oh, there's lots of stuff here today.

He's Not Who You Think He Is!