Okay, fine, let's just get this out of the way.

That promo image that DC sent out? The one everyone in Lower Comics Blogovia is frantically typing away about? I don't think it's about the World War 3 series or the Countdown weekly or any of that. I think they're finally going to announce the anthology series I've been speculating about ever since Identity Crisis. Coming this spring/summer/whenever - Less Fun Comics! All the bogus shock value masquerading as "mature storytelling," pointless revelations, on-panel disembowelments and, yes, women in refrigerators you've come to expect from DC these last few years, all in one location! And it'll be $3.99 a pop! At least! And we'll call it a "monthly," but you'll take it when you get it and like it, chummy!

Yessiree bob, you used to have to turn to poorly-written internet fanfic to see your beloved icons defiled in this manner, but now you can get all the officially-sanctioned debasement your blackened little soul desires! Less Fun Comics - if it were any less fun, it'd be educational.

(Have the last few years' worth of event comics made me cynical? Maybe a smidge.)

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