Happiness is...

a Spider-Man MODOK*. Or MODOC**, if you prefer. Either way, it's about 38 different varieties of awesome. As is a Wolverine MODOC who can't stab anybody because his arms are too short and stubby. And Karl, the least-effective hench-scientist in AIM*** history.

For this and other bits of wonderful. Run, don't walk, to the place you buy comic books and buy Marvel Adventures Avengers #9, written by Jeff Parker. The truths of the universe will stand revealed before you.****

* Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing.
** Mobile Organism Designed Only for Conquest (this is from an all-ages book, see)
*** Advance Idea Mechanics.
**** Okay, this is a lie, but it's a very good book, and easily the most-fun in any Marvel book not named "Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E." for at least the past few years, if not ever,

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