We did end up getting our heat back a little later in the morning, so that worked out well, thankfully. But there's no denying that our little corner of the universe got nailed by some sort of crap luck wave this morning. I spent a few hours off and on fighting with a Vonage phone adapter that wouldn't connect, and could only be told by the nice Indian people on the tech support line that "this is very bad." A colleague of Erin's from Cleveland was supposed to fly in and surprise her for the "congrats on getting a new position" dinner a few of her other co-workers were taking her out for tonight, but Cleveland was getting buried in snow and nobody could fly out. Erin's parents lost power for no discernible reason for several hours. And her dad played his vacationing co-worker's Keno numbers as a joke today and lost, but if he had played his own usual numbers, he would've won $1400.

So, clearly, none of this was life-threatening or anything, but in the space of a few hours, it was all pretty annoying, and therefore, the worst thing(s) ever. At that moment, at least.

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