Obviously somebody important somewhere hates us.

So we woke up this morning to discover we had no heat. Again. At least it isn't anybody's birthday this time. We suspect it's because we ran out of heating oil, and not the furnace acting up again. We hope. Of course, I think it's because the house is CURSED, I TELL YOU, CURSED, and it hates us. This is why I get maybe 6 hot showers all year. And even if it isn't technically cursed, it still sucks. I defy you to come in here with a protractor or a level or something and find either a place where the walls meet at a 90 degree angle or a floor that's level. This is why we make no inquiries into buying the place we currently rent. Would you?

So anyway, Erin had to go over to her parents' house to shower for work, and she brought Liam with her so he could eat breakfast and watch Jojo's Circus in relative comfort, while I wait here for the oil guy to come bring us some more black gold, Texas tea, dead dinosaur sludge, or whatever nomenclature you prefer.

Two things that are more pleasant, and theoretically warmer...

The X-Entertainment Advent Calendar is back for 2006! Big happenings for Kuse and the good Mare Winningham (as opposed to the many evil Mares) this year. Knacks, meanwhile, seems to have gone all emo and has set up his own MySpace page.

If only the actual Jabberjaw show as even half this good:

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