No, seriously, Merry Holiday of Your Choice.

Alright, the Wednesday post with the Pinky & the Brain special was supposed to be my "see ya after the holidays" thing, but then that To Tell The Truth clip was pointed out to me, and it was way too excellent to not share with everyone immediately. I mean, it had everything: Stan Lee looking like the lost Gibb brother, full-grown men and women seemingly unable to distinguish between the concepts of "comic strip" and "comic book," Bill Cullen and To Tell The Truth's own Miss Kitty Carlisle long before they both resembled the walking dead, and the sort of insanely catchy lite-AM-esque theme song that only late 60s/early 70s game shows had. Honestly, it was sort of perfect.

But I'm off for real this time. Enjoy the holidays, folks. And pray for my car. I would prefer a few, actually semi-affordable repairs to the alternative of expensive repairs and/or having to buy a new one. But I'm not optimistic. I doubt even the combined might of Jesus and Santa could pull off a Christmas miracle of that magnitude. I really hate cars.

But happy holidays anyway!

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