The electronic equivalent of repeatedly banging my head against the desk.

I have to work until noon today for no discernible reason whatsoever. The school is closed, all the students have gone home, and we've had maybe 3 people walk through all morning. It's only a half day, sure, but it's a half day I could be spending at home with Erin and Liam, hanging out and watching TV with them, maybe even playing Lego Star Wars II (The World's Most Perfect Video Game) while Liam naps. But nope, I'm here. So I'm passing the boredom on to you with a very scattershot blog entry.

(Spoilers afoot if you haven't seen this week's Heroes or last week's Doctor Who yet, so, you know, beware)

So I understand that TV promos are essentially lying sacks of crap, especially where Sweeps stunts are concerned, but this week's Heroes, good episode though it was, really didn't go a long way in explaining much, huh? I mean, sure, the "save the cheerleader" part was in full effect, but "save the world" was left pretty much up in the air. The current theory around the house is that preventing Claire from getting brain-sucked by Sylar prevents him from gaining her regeneration powers, which would basically make him completely invincible. We'll see, I guess. I'm interested to see what Mr. Horn Rim and Cutey McPersuasive (which is a much better name than Eden, I think) do with Sylar now that they have him. And I'm also anxious to see where Christopher "I don't want to be typecast as a sci fi guy, so I immediately do another sci fi show after leaving Doctor Who" Eccleston turns up in this series, because the rumor was that he'd be Sylar, and from the brief glimpse we get of the dude in the "Next week on..." promo, it's clearly not him. But, of course, TV promos are essentially lying sacks of crap.

And hey, speaking of Doctor Who, last week's episode was pretty excellent, especially after coming on the heels of the disappointing Cybermen two-parter and the merely okay one with the face-sucking electrical creature in the TVs. The Doctor has faced off against demonic threats before, but throwing him up against something that could very well be the actual Devil is pretty interesting. And it prompted this exchange:

Erin: I don't know if I buy this. There's no such thing as the devil!

Me: As opposed to Daleks?


Erin: Okay. I see your point.

(Look, it was funny if you were there, alright?)

Anyway, I'm looking to see how this is resolved in the next episode. Unfortunately, we're going to have wait another week to see it. Stupid holiday weekend cable programming decisions!

If you're like me, you spend entirely too much time thinking about comic book storage options. I'd like to start using Drawer Boxes, as I think they're incredibly cool in the way that they're sturdy enough to be stack 'em 5 or 6 boxes high, but you're still able to get at your comics without moving the boxes around since they're like filing cabinet drawers. Brilliant. Sadly, they only make long box sized ones, and after moving three times in one year (back in 2000), I switched to short boxes, and my back has been thanking me ever since. I don't want to go back because, you know, heavy. And the folks at Collection Drawer don't seem to be in any hurry to create a short box-sized option, unfortunately.

These people have an interesting looking alternative, though: sturdy shells that surround an existing short box, effectively transforming your existing storage option into a DIY drawer box. I don't have the money to look into this any further right now, but they seem like a decent option. If anyone out there has used these and can attest to their quality (or lack thereof, if that's the case), I'd appreciate getting some opinions on 'em.

(As I was explaining this to Erin last night, she asked how these shells would actually fit over the lidded boxes. I told her you slide the box in topless, so she started talking about these as being "spring break for comic book boxes," and then screaming "Spring Break! Woohoo!" like Kitty on "Arrested Development." Look, it was funny if you were there, alright?)

Quick question: why doesn't coffee taste as good as it smells? Because it smells amazing, but usually ends up tasting like hot, dirty water. Even if you pair it with a yummy donut or a particularly tasty bagel. The taste/smell differential is that big. Admittedly, my body's occasionally antagonistic relationship with dairy products means I usually don't add any milk or cream (and so few places have soy milk as an option), so that cuts into flavor enhancement, but I do add sugar when I drink it. A lot, in fact. And all that does is make it taste like hot, dirty sweet water. And it's weird, too, because I like iced coffee pretty well. And coffee-flavored ice cream and frozen yogurt. But I just can't get into the hot stuff. Maybe it's some sort of chemistry thing. Someone get me Alton Brown on the phone to explain this to me!

The Newsarama Blog presents Ten Comics That Died Too Soon. I'm hard pressed to disagree with any of the ones on the list I have read (Chase was all kinds of excellent, as were the few issues of Hourman I came into contact with), so the temptation is definitely there to go back and give the others a try, or in one or two cases, give them another try. I remembered I had the first issue of Green Lantern: Mosaic kicking around in the discard pile somewhere since I remembered not liking it all that much back when it first came out, but I re-read it last night, and yeah, it was pretty good; certainly good enough to give later issues a try. It probably helps that the Halloween freebie issue of Back Issue I got in the mail last week actually got me interested in Green Lantern-related anything for the first time in years. I think I need to go and dig up some Hourman somewhere again, too.

My only suggestion for the list that didn't make it on? The Kurt Busiek/Erik Larsen run of the Defenders from a few years back. Really excellent and criminally underrated. I didn't like the recent Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire Defenders mini-series because it just felt like a JLI story with the Defenders inserted in their place. Busiek and Larsen, on the other hand, created something that looked, sounded, and felt like an actual Defenders book, and it just happened to be funny as well (track down the issue narrated by the Hulk if you don't believe me... great stuff!).

I still have a few days left on my eBay auctions! I'd be especially happy if the MST3K movie DVD started to climb in price, seeing as it usually tends to go for around 100 clams, and that's the reason I bothered to put it up in the first place. In the immortal words of the 20th century's greatest philosopher, Sally Brown, "All I want is what's coming to me. All I want is my fair share."

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Unless you're in Canada, who already celebrated a month ago. Or in one of the hundreds of other countries that doesn't celebrate it at all. Know that if you live in one of those places, you're missing out on a lot of really excellent things, most of them pie-related.

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