Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday returns! This week - Top 5 moments in songs that always make me smile.

5. It's a weird place to start, I know, but there's this one point in "Monster Boogie" by children's artist Laurie Berkner (who I admittedly have a big crush on, and her music isn't bad, either, so I don't mind playing her CDs or DVD for Liam) where she's singing the line leading into the first chorus, "and this is what I like to do," and her voice cracks a little on the "I like," and it's seriously the cutest thing ever.

4. The bagpipe part in "Under the Milky Way" by the Church. Never underestimate the power of a well-placed bit of bagpipery, my friends.

3. At one point in the Shonen Knife song "Loop di Loop," they include this brief cover riff from Chad and Jeremy's "Summer Song," and it fits the mood so completely perfectly. I loves me some Shonen Knife. They prove that you can be cute as hell and write the bubblegummiest songs on either side of the Pacific, but still be punk as fuck.

2. The part in "I Saw Her Again" by the Mamas and the Papas where Denny Doherty comes in with the chorus a few seconds too early, resulting in "I saw her... I saw her again last night, etc. etc." It was a mistake, but it was left in the finished product because it sounds really excellent there. It helps build in to that chorus, making it stronger, and almost seems to add to the guilt of the song's narrator, as if he can't quite bring himself to completely admit what he's done at first. And of course, since Denny was nailing Michelle Phillips on the side at this point with the full knowledge of Papa John, well, that makes it all that much more powerful.

1. This line from "Sellout" by Juliana Hatfield: "La la, la la la la. Woo!" Lacks the gravitas of my number 2 answer, but it's cute as hell. And my feelings about Juliana Hatfield have been well-documented on this blog many times before, so I feel no need to justify it.

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