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So, as I said, yesterday was my two year blog-a-versary. Go me. Anyway, I wasn't really planning on marking the occasion with anything special, but I did put together a list of Posts Gone By that I thought were pretty decent. Call it a TPS Greatest Hits Compilation, or perhaps more accurately, a Handful of Posts I Didn't Entirely Hate Upon Re-Reading. If you're so inclined, click, read, and enjoy!

As for the coming year here at TPS World HQ in Rhode Island, well, I'm not sure yet. I definitely plan on keeping the blog going - I started this in order to give me both an opportunity and an obligation to write more often, and so far, I think it's worked out reasonably well. I hope to do more long-form, researched posts in the future, though. I've proved I can dash out a quickie a couple times a week; now I want to try my hand at some work of better quality. I see the beginnings of it in a few of the links above, but there's definitely room for improvement, especially if I ever want to get paid to write some day (and yeah, I'd really like to see that happen).

From a strictly cosmetic point of view, I want to learn how to make this place look a little nicer, maybe get a logo, add some flashier graphics... something to set it apart from all the other hundreds of Blogger sites using the same template.

I'd also like to find out who I have to bribe to get on DC's blogger review copy comp list. Or anyone else, for that matter. Because, you know, that'd be pretty cool. And not just for the occasional free comics (although, admittedly, that'd be a fun perk).

So as I said yesterday, thanks for your time these past two years, and I hope you'll stick around for year 3.

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