If this looks like a late-night-ish attempt to just fill some space, well, yeah. Probably.

I've been having a big ol' case of blogger's block lately, hence the sparse-ish posting. This doesn't bode well for NaNoWriMo, I'm sure, but I still plan on forging ahead, as I'm rather foolish.

But in the interest of actually having content, here are some links and stuff:

Is this out on DVD at all here in the States? Because I'd totally watch this. Especially if they used the cover of the American Gigantor theme by Helmet from the "Saturday Morning" cd.

Well, I think it'd be cool, anyway.

A little while ago, Johanna typed about the increase in the number of "sexy" Halloween costume variations for women available these days. Well, Kevin found a video parody (oh lord, please let it be a parody) for a costume store that takes the trend to what is almost assuredly the next step. Honestly, I'm surprised nobody's tried to market a Sexy Abe Lincoln costume already.

Cool contest over at Project Rooftop: redesign and create an existing superhero costume, send in some pictures, and the winner will get an original drawing depicting their design by Dean Trippe. If the Batgirl example Trippe posts is any indication, that's a cool prize indeed.

And speaking of Batgirl, the Batgirl meme returns! It doesn't seem to have reached the epic proportions of the original yet, but it's still cool.

And speaking of something I mentioned many paragraphs ago, 6 more days until NaNoWriMo! It's funny... I'm not panicking about this yet, but for some reason, the not-panicking is sort of causing me to panic. I don't get me.*

*No one does. I'm like the wind, baby!**
**Not really.***
***Or at all.

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