Brief Thoughts on Comics New-ish, Slightly Old, and Older Still


Lone Ranger #1 - A little more gruesome that I'm used to for a Lone Ranger story, and only the bare bones of the beginning (already feels "written for the trade"), but a decent start overall. On the "Lone Ranger Origin Story Scale," it isn't as good as the Clayton Moore TV version, but better than the 1981 movie with Klinton Spilsbury. Definitely coming back for #2.

True Story Swear to God (Vol. 2) #1 - Tom Beland did me a solid back when I got married (
which I've mentioned before), so I'm predisposed to say good things about anything he does. But thankfully, this is very good, so complimenting this takes little or no effort at all. I hope moving to Image nets this book a larger audience, especially since the story is only going to get more interesting from here (engagement, marriage, separation, reunion... so much ground left to cover!).

Marvel Team-Up 24 - Well, that was sort of needlessly gruesome, wasn't it? Should be used as a textbook for "How to Bring an Otherwise Decent Series to a Sudden Dull Thud of an Ending 101."

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion - Haven't read it yet, but I'm just so damn pleased it exists.


Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1 - The story by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray is fairly interesting and provides some interesting glimpses and new takes on classic characters, and the art by Daniel Acuna and Javi Montes is really quite good (though Montes's decision to color everybody all shiny-like is a little weird to me). So why didn't I like this better? I think it's all the political intrigue and real world parallels. I read comics to get away from that sort of thing. I'm sure this is a great book for the right audience; I'm just not a part of that group.

Secret Six #1 - A little hard to pick up on if you haven't read Villains United, but a decent read. Equal parts The Usual Suspects and a Bond movie (at least the opening), but with super powers. Makes me want to go and read VU, then come back and give this a try again, and maybe move on from there.

Special Education #1 "Convention Special" - The same book as the upcoming-through-Diamond #1, but with a Justice League #1 homage cover instead of a Giant-Size X-Men #1 homage. It's about a kid forced to attend an all-super hero high school, but since he doesn't have powers, he's sent to the remedial class taught by an ex-super villain who only refers to himself in the third person. Similar to PS 238, but with a greater likelihood of fart jokes. Funny start, thanks in large part to Dr. Dome (afore-mentioned third-person obsessive).

Deadman #1 - No. Just... no.

Older Still:

Flash: Born to Run tpb - A real grab bag of a book I picked up from the library. The front half is the "Flash: Year One" storyline that kicked off Mark Waid's first run on the book, retelling the story Wally West's first summer with super powers. Not as epic or groundbreaking as "The Return of Barry Allen," but a lot of fun. The back half reprints several short, similarly retconned origin-y stories, and gets progressively worse as it goes. It also manages to directly contradict details from the first half at least twice, and proves conclusively that Bill Sienkiewicz might be the worst choice ever to ink Jim Aparo pencils. Yes, even worse than Vince Colletta.*

*This sentence brought to you in part by "The Committee for Cheap Shots at Vince Colletta's Expense" and readers like you. Thank you.

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