Um... I think you have me confused with some other guy.

So I was Googling* my name at work tonight (Thursday nights are slow. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!). I share a name with an 18th century British painter and a United States naval architect, which I already knew, but I also discovered I have the same name as a published writer of erotic fiction.

Can you be really amused and a little terrified at the same time? Because I think I am. (Although I have to admit that the plot synopsis of that last book sounds kind of hilarious.) But at least some of the rather odd search terms that have led to my blog over the past couple of years start to make some sense.

I think it's maybe time I reconsider my professional name in case I'm ever actually published some far off day.

*Yes, I'm using Google as a verb. Suck on that, Google!

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