The Greatest Movie Never Made

Last week, De mentioned the hypothetical movie he'd most like to see. I just now thought of what mine would be:

Godzilla Vs. Evil Dead.

Ash is vacationing in Tokyo and runs afoul of a Japanese translation of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Just then, Godzilla attacks, and Ash's fumbling attempts to escape result in him accidentally raising Japanese Deadites. I'm imagining them as samurai*, because zombie samurai would be all kinds of awesome. So Tokyo's getting trashed by Godzilla on one end and these zombie samurai on the other. They meet in the middle, clash, and Godzilla is overcome, resulting in...

Wait for it...


Ash is chosen as the only person capable of defeating this threat, despite his many attempts to either convince the locals of the contrary or outright turn tail and run. Finally and begrudginly acceptins his role, he arms himself for battle and gets himself a new chainsaw - except that since this is Japan, he can only find a pink one with Hello Kitty on it.

Hot damn, would that be a movie (or at least a bitchin' fanfic, though I'd be shocked if someone hadn't already done it by now). Someone get me Sam Raimi and Toho Ltd. on the phone. I've got a pitch to make!

*Is the plual of samurai "samurais," or just "samurai?" I'm assuming the latter, but I could be wrong.

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