Slowin' down a bit.

Summer grad classes have ended, and therefore library hours changed dramatically - from now until Labor Day, we're only open Monday through Friday until 4 p.m. Therefore, I get to work weekdays during normal business hours just like most of the rest of the world instead of my usual "dead of night" shift. I get to be a real live regular person again, for a few weeks, anyway. Woot! The line for the Happy Dance forms to my right.

So while I'm off experiencing weird things like actually being able to eat dinner with my family and having a weekend that consists of Saturday and Sunday, blogging will probably be a bit light for the next few weeks. Your lives will continue normally, I'm sure, and in time, you'll barely notice my lessened presence. Of course, I strongly suspect that most of you barely notice my normal presence as is, so I bet you'll all adjust quite nicely.

PS - How funny is it that Blogger's spell check doesn't recognize any form of the word blog? You'd think they'd look into fixing that.

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