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So as I've mentioned before in the many posts where I shill for my eBay auctions, we've been trying to get rid of stuff around the house because we'd like to move at some point in the not-too-distant future* and don't want to have to bring everything with us. We have a lot of stuff. A whole damn lot, in fact. This was the case even before we had the kid, so you can only imagine how much the situation has ballooned since then. I used to have a roommate in college who prided himself on being a minimalist, and he'd talk to whoever would listen (and occasionally, those who wouldn't) about how great it was to have so little stuff weighing down his life. At the time, I kinda wished he'd stop talking about it all the time, but now I kind of have to admit he had a point.

Recently, we kicked off Phase 2 of the de-stuffafying plan and combed the house for items we don't need, never use, and/or are just taking up excess space. And it's funny, because even though Erin and I are generally the sorts of people who love the things we own, it's amazing how many of the things you "just can't live without" you can actually, well, live without, once you're in the culling mood. Well-loved but used twice (maybe) kitchen gadgetry? Gone! DVDs and movies we could've swore that we legitimately needed once upon a time? See ya! Erin's many bags and purses and things? Weeded out! The vaunted Pez collection? Pared down significantly! CD collection... you are cut in half, possibly even more! Goodbye, Zip drive that I no longer have the connecting cables or even disks for anymore! So long, large number of books read once (maybe), never to be opened again! May you and so much more bring joy to either new owners or some landfill somewhere, whatever the case may be.

Most everything that didn't get outright tossed is currently sitting in boxes out on the sunporch, awaiting a yard sale we hope to have a few weekends from now (of course, this means we can't currently get to 4/5ths of the sunporch, but oh well), and if it doesn't sell then, off to the Salvation Army it goes. Other stuff we've earmarked for eBay, because you never know the sort of random crap people will buy on eBay. We'd probably eBay** an even larger percentage of stuff than we already are, but honestly, it's kind of a pain in any vast quantity. I totally understand now how people can start businesses based solely on eBaying other people's stuff. As for the books, we've listed a lot of them on Amazon, and they've been selling pretty well there. And the best part of that is, they don't charge a listing fee, and you can take stuff down whenever you want, so if we sell it through Amazon, great, and if we can yard sale it, that's good, too.

The whole process has been pretty liberating, and a lot more fun than I had initially anticipated. The only downside is that for as much crap as we're getting rid of, there's still a whole lot of stuff we're actually keeping and will eventually have to move. Bleh.

If you ever move into a largish place and wonder how you're ever going to fill all that open space, just stop wondering. Unless you make a concentrated effort to do otherwise, you'll find yourself filling it just fine, possibly even unintentionally. It's getting rid of all that excess you're going to have to worry about eventually.

*Next Sunday A.D. would be ideal, but obviously, that ain't gonna happen.
**Yeah, I'm using "eBay" as a verb. Sue me.

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