More shilling, more swag

As mentioned earlier, we've started to put some household items up on eBay as well, so if you're looking for stainless steel baby flatware, a Pooh silver-plated baby dish set, an unused flowergirl basket for a wedding, a collectible paperweight celebrating the 100th anniversary of Maine's largest daily newspaper, or a porcelain doll in traditional Irish costume, click here to check 'em out.

Seriously, buy this stuff. And the comics stuff that I posted earlier. But please, somebody, anybody, please take the porcelain doll off our hands. Those things creep me right the hell out.

More talk about books I got in Chicago, but briefer this time, since I wanna go to bed.

Felt: True Tales of Underground Hip Hop - It's by Jim Mahfood, so I kind of liked it, but I probably would've felt more strongly about it if I actually liked more than three or four hip hop acts. If a copy of Felt's album found it's way to me for freebies, I'd give it a spin based on this book, though (Ryder, do you have this?). So maybe that's something.

Atomika: God is Red #1 - I picked this up because the creator, Sal Abbinanti, is a frequent guest on the Comic Geek Speak podcast, a really funny guy (just as much in person, I was pleased to find out), and interestingly enough, Alex Ross's model for Captain Marvel. I see where he's going with the story, which is about the rise of some sort of 20th century technology god in the USSR, but I don't think I'm the audience for this book. Sorry, Uncle Sal. The artwork is interesting, though, and the cover by Ross is one of the best images by him I've seen in some time, so it's still worth a look. Your mileage may vary, you know?

Highlander 0 - Ten years ago, I would've loved to have seen a Highlander comic. Now, all I can really say is that ten years ago, I would've loved to have seen a Highlander comic. Plus, between the the movies of varying quality and the TV series, Highlander continuity is as hard to decipher as that of any superhero comic you can name, so I'm not even gonna guess where this fits in. In the end, it's pretty good, I guess, but so what?

Scar Tissue 1-4 - Interesting story concept here: transplant patient receives a super-villain's heart and gains the powers of said villain as a result (the villain's soul seems to be riding shotgun in the guy's brain now, too). And the story plays out pretty well, too. Despite initial plans to conclude in 4 issues, they ended up spilling over into a fifth, which is coming out soon. A little offputting at first, since I thought I was getting the whole series, but I'm glad they did that rather than try and jam an unsatisfying and rushed ending into the fourth issue.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 9 - Didn't get this in Chicago, but I'd just like to say that this was the best Spider-Man comic I've read in a very long time. It's a Saturday morning cartoon on paper - Spidey tries to stop Dr. Doom from frying the FF (and most of NYC) with a giant flying magnifying glass - but it works. In fact, that's probably why it works. It's light, it's refreshingly angst-free, and it's fun. Remember fun Spider-Man comics? They used to make those back in the day. It reminds me of when The Batman Adventures was the best Batman book being published. I'll definitely be checking out more of this series.

And that's pretty much it, aside from stuff I'm forgetting, stuff that I didn't feel strongly enough about either way to feel like mentioning, and some trade paperbacks and original graphic novels. I'll get to those some other time. Or not. Probably Spiral Bound, at least. That deserves some typing about. But now, time for go to bed. Mind picking up before you leave? Thanks.

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