My mind was blown today.

I was in line at the post office, and the woman behind me has this little baby boy in her arms. The baby smiles at me, so I make Patented Goofy Face That'll Make a Baby Smile #414 (you know the one), and yup, he smiles, so the woman and I make polite conversation, and I eventually ask the little tyke's name. It was...

wait for it...

Dionysus. As in "Greek Good of Wine and Revelry." As in orgies with nymphs and satyrs. That Dionysus. And as it turns out, the kid's named for his grandfather. Hot damn! Not everyday you meet a real live demi-god. At the post office, no less! Who knew?

(And while I realize that the kid's grandpa probably wasn't the Dionysus - because what would that guy be doing in Rhode Island, anyway, especially after the Jazz Festival already left town - I prefer to think that he was, because it makes for a better story and frankly, my life could use some better stories.)

(I also can't help but think this kid's friends are gonna be sorely disappointed if he doesn't throw some truly bitchin' parties in high school. "Dude, whaddaya mean no orgies?!? Lame!")

(Yes, I realize that high school kids probably don't talk like that anymore.)

(I also realize I type in entirely too many parentheticals. Don't you judge me!)

My mind was blown, so I figure it's time I return the favor to the world.


(from Magic Boy #2, Primata Comix, Lisbon, Portugal)

Revel in the splendor. And be thankful I didn't post the page of him peeing, though that would've probably gotten more hits. The sacrifices I make to keep this thing vaguely work safe.

Why yes, I do have more eBay auctions going right now. Thanks for asking!

Come on, you know you want a copy of The Superhero Women. Or a buttload of Secret Origins back issues. Maybe even a Thundercats lunchbox.

In case you were wondering, Blogger's spellcheck suggestion for "Kochalka" is "Socialize." If we can figure out the hidden meaning there, we probably have too much time on our hands.

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