Corrected misconceptions and some not-uncalled-for pleading.

Got an email via MySpace the other day from Ed the Sock (A.K.A. Steven Kerzner), which I believe makes me the first person in family to ever receive correspondence from a puppet. My mom will be so proud. Anyway, Ed/Steven thanked me for the mention in my Chicago wrap-up post, but wanted to let me know that they weren’t as bored as I thought they appeared, but more likely taking advantage of a lull. He said their placement in Artists Alley was actually quite ideal, and that they were pretty busy the entire weekend. I was really happy to hear this, seeing as I thought both he and Liana K. were very down to Earth and incredibly friendly and approachable, and I was sort of perplexed why they weren’t being mobbed. Turns out that my perception was a bit off – not an unusual occurrence by any means, just ask Erin – but for once, that’s probably a good thing.

I went to a local comics & collectibles show in North Attleboro, MA, on Sunday. It may seem like comics overkill so soon after Chi-town, and it probably was, but I miss a lot of these shows since I usually work on Sundays, and United Airlines made damn sure I couldn’t look around much at Wizard World, so it was nice to have both the opportunity and the time to browse through the bins. And I found some good stuff, but that’s not the point of this particular story. Instead, the point is this: stench.

It should come as a shock to no one that you can expect a certain amount of body odor at a comic show of any size. In fact, whenever someone writes up an article of show etiquette, hygiene concerns are inevitably at the top of the list. But, as anyone who has ever been to one of these things can tell you, these pleas usually fall on deaf ears (or blind eyes, as the case may be). And that tends to suck, but you learn to deal with it.

But wow, this show I went to Sunday... some people there smelled incredibly bad, even by comic show standards. And that, friends, is saying something. Maybe it’s because it was a muggy day, maybe it’s because the North Attleboro Knights of Columbus Hall is small and has no air conditioning, I don’t know. All I do know is that the usual Comic Show Funk had come out to play, and it brought its entire family with it. We’re talking near-Seinfeldian levels of B.O. here. One guy in particular smelled so bad it actually drove me away from the table I was looking at; I’d try to move a little, maybe put someone in between him and I, and he’d just keep sidling up next to me. Horrifying.

So please, all you Fanboys of Unusual Stink (F.O.U.S.) out there, I’d just like to remind you that they’ve made some particularly impressive leaps and bounds in the field of soap technology in the past twenty years, and it’s really worthwhile to check it out. Thanks.

(The above plea is just as applicable to white kids with dreadlocks, by the way. Dreaded blonde hair doesn’t look cool, it just looks filthy. For the love of God, bathe, Trust Fund Hippies!)

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