'Serfs 2: Electric Boogaloo?

Today I started reading Douglas Coupland's latest novel, JPod, and it's sort of a weird experience. The tech industry setting, the striving to be profound pop cultural diatribes, the dada-esque computer jargon-as-word-art... it's sort of like revisiting Microserfs a decade later, except so far, most of the characters seem kinda like dicks. Bizarroserfs, then? And it's not even like he's backtracking, really; it's almost as if he's doing his impression of someone doing a Douglas Coupland impression. In fact, he sort of calls himself on it in the very first lines of the book.

I wonder what led to this decision? Is it some sort of writing exercise, or was he maybe tired of all the morons like me who kept wondering aloud to anyone who would listen why his writing seemed to go downhill after Girlfriend in a Coma? Is this just a "All they want is Microserfs again? Here's yer goddam Microserfs!" sort of reaction?

This is either an astonishingly lazy or brilliantly meta move on Coupland's part, but this is the first novel he has written in a very long time that I actually want to finish, so I guess he wins either way.

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