Long, rambly post.

So yeah, as if you couldn't tell from the last post, I'm back from my vacation and have returned, kicking and screaming all the way, to the working world. Bleh. I'm really quite angry at the Powerball people and their refusal to let me win. I plan on filing a formal complaint.

Anyway, we had a fun time. Rather than make the 5 hour trek to Bangor, Maine, directly and then go to see everyone else from there, we decided to take our trip in short hops in the hope that Liam would like it better and not wail bitterly for hours on end to the point where baby heroin (better known to the rest of the world as Laurie Berkner CDs) wouldn't calm him down. It didn't quite work out as well as we hoped, but at least by the time the crying started on any given leg, we were almost there, as opposed to having several hours left to drive. So we had that going for us, which was nice.

We spent the first few days with our friend Jill and her family lounging around at Sebago Lake, which is just outside Gorham, for those of you keeping track at home. Lots of swimming and relaxing, and when Liam took his naps, I even got some reading in. A great and very relaxing time, and by removing ourselves from the presence of computers and television and the like, our two days and change by the lake seemed easily twice as long. But in that good way. We also drove into the town of Naples, where I consumed just about the finest lobster roll I ever did eat (and I loves me some lobster, so that's saying something), and somewhere along the line, we also discovered Munchies. Munchies is sort of like Chex Mix, but with different varieties of Frito-Lay brand chips - Doritos, Cheetos, Rold Gold pretzels, etc. Snack food greatness, I daresay.

From there, we moved on to the Greater Jay-Farmington Metro Area, which as as swinging a spot as you're gonna find in Western Maine. This is, of course, a big fat lie, but a whole bunch of our friends live there, so it generally ends up being fun all the same. People gathered, ate some fine grilled foods, Liam kept chasing after a cat, and a bunch of us tried to remember the name of that show on NBC where Robert Mitchum played a homeless man who was adopted by a couple of orphan kids to pretend to be their grandfather (it ended up being "A Family for Joe;" thanks, Annie!). Then, the next day, we saw our friends' daughter in the Farmington 4th of July parade. She was supposed to be ringing bells, but she's about 19 months old, so all she really did was sit in her stroller and look adorable. Good times.

Then, onto Bangor, which is where I grew up and my parents still live. Bangor has never been a particularly fun place to visit, but my parents have a pool now, so that makes it a good place to be for a few days in the summer. We hung out, did some swimming, visited with the fam, and as I said in the prior post, yes, we did the Mentos/Diet Coke trick. Even if the 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke hadn't been on sale, it would've been money well spent, I say. My dad seemed unimpressed, though. I think he expected the bottle to actually explode or something. Which, yeah, would've been even cooler, but still.

We came home Friday night, and Saturday managed to get out to see Superman Returns, which was one of the worst movie-going experiences I've ever had. Erin and I were the first ones in the theater, and the next group of people, a bunch of loud 50-somethings, with a whole theater full of seats to choose from, sat directly next to us. They chattered through the whole movie. So did the people behind us, who also farted a couple of times. Loudly. Someone else brought a baby, who cried throughout most of the last 45 minutes. One guy's cell phone went off, but at least he had the courtesy to answer quickly and leave the theater to take the call, so he can live. Honestly, the only things missing were some teenagers with a laser pointer and, I don't know, maybe a knife fight. Hell is truly other people.

The movie itself, though, was okay. Some great scenes (the plane rescue!), and some decent performances, but it was just okay. I really think Parker Posey should've been playing Lois Lane, and Kate Bosworth should've been someplace else entirely. Yeah, she's cute, but so aren't a billion other people. Posey is cute, but she can also act, so she wins. Also, it bugged me that absolutely no one but Jimmy cared that Clark came back (I think by Superman 2, it was pretty firmly established that Clark had some friends at the paper, like, I dunno, Lois maybe? Sheesh.) And the whole subplot with the kid was just needless and stupid. That one's gonna be the elephant in the room come sequel time. Maybe they can forget that ever happened, kind of like how they forgot Superman 3 and 4. But it was decent enough afternoon entertainment, I guess. But next time, can I have a Superman movie that actually has some Superman stuff in it? Like Superman fights off an alien invasion, maybe a giant robot or two? I'm tired of him moping around and foiling what are essentially real estate schemes.

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