The Beautiful People and Comics - I realize they shouldn't co-exist in the same post, but what're you gonna do?

A question: are European teenagers, on the whole, more attractive than their American counterparts, or is it just that they don't let the ugly ones travel off-continent? I ask because the college is currently hosting some sort of cultural exchange camp that lets kids from other countries acclimate themselves to American culture before they start the year as high school exchange students, and when they all come in to check their email, it looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue shoot in here.

I've been checking out some of the bits of "big news" coming out of Sandy Eggo, and either I'm getting older and don't care about this stuff as much as I used to, or else a lot of it really is underwhelming. A few things sounded kind of cool, though:
  • I love the idea of releasing the "lost" Stan Lee & Jack Kirby issue of Fantastic Four as a special project. Definitely worth checking out, I think; I just hope they don't try to color it in a way that makes it look "aged," like they did with the recent FF/Black Panther reprint.
  • I think doing New Frontier and The Judas Contract as animated movies is a brilliant step for DC and Warner Brothers to take, and I hope they're successful enough that we can see more adaptations like that down the line. Personally, I'd love to see animated versions of The Golden Age, or The Great Darkness Saga.
  • Frank Miller helming the film adaptation of The Spirit? I know a lot of people are panning the idea right out of the gate, but I don't know, I think it could work. If adapted similarly to Sin City - i.e., translating the unique visual flourishes of the original work to the big screen - it could actually be kind of cool. Just think of all the weird uses of color, the odd camera angles, the buildings-as-logos/narrative devices that could make their way into that. So long as Miller avoids doing stuff like "I'm the goddamn Spirit," and maybe trims the character of Ebony White altogether, it may just come together.
  • I'm psyched that Ramona Fradon, Jim Steranko, and Russ Manning all made it into the Eisner Awards Hall of Fame this year, but instead of Vaughn Bode, I think I would've preferred to see Robert Kanigher, Harold Gray, or Mart Nodell make it instead, especially Nodell... of all the comics people I've ever met (which isn't a lot, but still) he's one of the classiest and by far the nicest, and I'd like to see him make it while he's still alive to enjoy it. Admittedly my own biases may play a part here, though, as I'm not the biggest underground fan you'll ever meet.

The thing that floored me the most, though, was something that the folks at Comic-Con probably will praise but I interpret as actually being a negative thing: the possibility of 125,000+ attendees, and a floor so crowded on Saturday they stopped selling tickets and considered shutting folks out for awhile like what happened with New York and Wondercon (or did they actually do this?). See, every now and then I think I should make the Nerd Prom pilgrimage one of these years, but it's stories like this that discourage me from actually doing it (well, that and the money. Probably more because of the money, truthfully, but that's beside the point). I really hate big crowds, and having to push my way through them, and generally feeling lost among the people and the booths and such.

And on a related note, now that Comic-Con is almost in the history books, it occurs to me that my trip out to Wizard World Chicago is now incredibly imminent. Only two weeks away... jeez, that snuck up on me. And on their info page for the con, Wizard has posted the programming schedule and the floorplan. I'm only gonna be at the show on Friday, and there don't appear to be any events planned I'm particularly interested in, so that's one less thing to worry about (I don't typically bother with the panels at these things, anyway - I'm that rare beast who actually goes to cons to look for comics). But that floor plan... jeez, this show looks big. Certainly bigger than any I've ever been to. The last two big cons I attended (both Wizard shows, by coincidence), Philly '04 and last year's first & last Boston con, appear downright tiny compared to this, at least on paper anyway. Those feelings of fear and loathing re: crowds and pushing and hugeness I mentioned above may well play a part in this particular trip. Oh well, maybe this will be a good test to see whether or not I'd ever be able to even consider a trip to Sandy Eggo in the future. Regardless, I'm hoping Friday retains its feeling of being the "slow" day.

I'm also not looking forward to the flight, by the way, but that's something different altogether.

And despite how it sounds, I'm actually looking forward to this trip (comics, sightseeing, a Cubs game, hopefully a side trip to Superdawg... what's not to look forward to?). You should hear what I sound like when I don't want to go somewhere.

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