They do not, in fact, call me Guitar Hurricane.

So I'm trying to learn to play guitar now.

I emphasize trying. It's a very slow process right now. I'm just a few weeks in, but on occasional I'm able to produce sounds that sound kinda sorta like chords, instead of the dull thudding sounds I was getting in the beginning. So, you know, progress. I can sort of hit a G, or at least most of it, with some regularity. And D sometimes, too. C was a real bitch, and still often is, but I'm starting to be able to almost hit something resembling a C. Of course, I still need to look at the fingering chart every single time I try to play. And I'm nowhere near ready to actually string two or more chords into any sort of progression. As I said, it's a very slow process right now, and very difficult for me. I mean, I knew it would be hard. If I wanted easy, I would've gone out and bought Guitar Hero for my PS2 instead. And I still might, if the price were to ever drop. But that's beside the point.

Long story short (too late): difficulty much. But it's good for me. I'm not the most patient person you'll ever meet. Despite many efforts to curb the impulse over the years, I still demand almost instant results from myself. I'm hoping this will finally break me of that. It probably helps that I'm doing this for fun, and don't have any aspirations toward some sort of music-based career. My window of opportunity to be a rock star, if such a thing ever truly existed, has long-since passed, and I'm cool with that. (I am, by my own admission, pretty lame to begin with, anyway, so I'm sure I'd be a pretty shitty rock star.) In the end, I'm just hoping to learn enough to noodle around for fun, play some songs, maybe amuse my kid. I just need to teach myself the patience to stick with it.

It helps that my teacher is pretty laidback. He's 19 and significantly cooler and more together than I could ever hope to be - by all rights, I should really hate this kid, but in the end, I can't help but like him. Plus, he's a student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and plans on being that rarest of rare things there - someone who actually graduates from the place - so I figure he probably has some clue of what he's doing. I also like the fact that even though he's really into Music Theory, he realizes that I am not, and so far has dumbed the lessons down to a level I can appreciate.

I'd also like to point out that the guy who owns the store I'm taking the lessons at resembles a young Harlan Ellison. I'm just putting that out there.

Also, those little nubby bits that hold the strings in at the bottom (I'm so technical, aren't I)? Two of those have broken in the last week. But the thing is, the strings show no sign of actually coming out, so they must've wedged those puppies in pretty good at the factory. The funny thing is, the first one broke right before my lesson last week when the Harlan Ellison guy wanted to play my guitar. He felt bad, thankfully, and tried to fix it, but realized that the string wasn't going anywhere, and that he didn't have the time, anyway, so we agreed to leave it for now. Which probably saved me from an awkward "No way in hell am I paying for that repair" conversation, come to think of it, which I'm sure is a good thing.

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