Shillin' like a villain (Or, Boxing Henry Pym)

Time once again for eBay auctions to support the Bill & Erin Would Like to Move Someday and Don't Want to Have to Take All This Stuff With Them (And, Oh Yeah, They'd Like To Have Some Extra Spending Money When They Go To Chicago in August) Fund! This time around, I have:
Oh, alright, fine, it's just the head & shoulders piece of the "Build Your Own Giant-Man" figure that came with my Kitty Pryde Marvel Legends figure, not an actual disembodied torso. I don't need it, as I'm not interested in collecting the entire line, so I'm trying to sell it. But you have to admit, buying an action figure in pieces is kind of morbid. Also, about as crass an example of fanboy commercialism as I've ever seen. The other DIY Marvel Legends figs have been made up of 4 or 5 pieces. Giant-Man is made up of, I believe, 11. 11! Not only do you have to buy all of the regular figures from this particular series, but I think you need the variants as well, lest you be left with the good Dr. Pym's newest superhero identity, Combat Disabled Man. Craziness. It reminds me of that old Invention Exchange idea from MST3K, Johnny Longtorso, the action figure that requires you to buy each individual body part (down to the eyeballs and fingernails) in order to assemble a complete toy. Did ToyBiz move down to Deep 13?

And for another thing, jeez, I remember when action figures came with extra weapons, or maybe a display stand. A kid buying a Wolverine toy now gets a forearm. Um, I'll take the character inappropriate rocket launcher instead, thanks.

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