My new geek mantra: More Fun Comics

I read All-Star Superman #4, and sure enough, I was once again left thinking "damn, that was one fine comic book." Others can talk about this particular issue and the series as a whole in more detail (and plenty already have, I'm sure), but I just want to make one point and get out, and my point is this:

The secret of this title's success so far is that Grant Morrison understands that Silver Age Superman-type silliness can indeed still work in a modern context without being amped up, camped up, viewed "ironically," defiled, or fundamentally changed in any one of a million different ways; you just need a story with the sufficient tone to pull it off. And only a very few writers seem to understand this, or at least seem to understand how to do so successfully, maybe. Alan Moore did it with his few Superman stories and his run on Supreme (the best Superman stories never told). Joe Casey made a pretty good show of it with Mr. Majestic, too. I'm sure there are other examples, too, but that's all I can think of right now. I'm getting over a big ol' summer cold; cut me some slack.

You can revisit the past without pissing all over it, raping it, killing it, and setting fire to the corpse. Morrison and Frank Quitely are proving this every couple of months (And honestly, if the book is going to continue to be this good, I'm willing to let them take their time to get it right). They seem to understand that we need this sort of thing right now. I do, anyway. I'm tired of the events, the character assassination (in both the figurative and literal senses), the way-out-of-place violence and anger, the needless and poorly-executed exploitation of real world happenings.* I need more fun comics. And that's what All-Star Superman definitely is... More Fun Comics.

*Did I mention that I've now pretty much completely reversed my opinion on Infinite Crisis? Yeah... not so much a fan now. After that first issue, I really thought things were going to turn around, but by the time we got to Black Adam poking his fingers through Psycho Pirate's head on-panel, I realized that if anything, things were actually getting worse. My own fault for getting fished in, I suppose. Fool me once... Now, I'm not saying that I haven't enjoyed any of the post-IC content - the James Robinson story in the Batbooks has been fun, Robin has been kind of fun, and Legion is still one of the two best books the company puts out right now (the other is Jonah Hex) - but on the whole, Infinite Crisis killed my interest in big event storytelling but good, and I'll be approaching most Big Two material with a more cynical eye than ever before. If they want any more of my money, they're going to have to really work for it.

Hmm... maybe I should thank 'em, come to think of it.

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