But is it art?

We lost power at work the other day. We eventually got it back, but the network stayed down for the rest of the night. We couldn't do anything... no processing of materials (i.e., checking books in or out), no email or internet, no accessing the catalogue (we don't have a physical card catalogue anymore), no printing... nothing. It was a long night, to say the least. I mean, yeah, I'm thankful the lights came back on (and with them, the motion sensor flushers on the toilets; that could've gotten nasty really quickly), but not really being able to do anything really makes an evening drag.

So I brushed up on my MS Paint skills. I give you "Pac-Man About to Devour a Worried (Yet Resigned to His Fate) Ghost Monster."

PS - Yeah, I know. Short blog-cation. I legitimately figured it would be longer, but then I remembered I'm going on actual vacation in a few weeks, anyway, so coming back just to go away again almost immediately seemed silly.

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