Beating a dead horse - correspondence edition!

Dear DC,

Thanks to Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, and all their related tie-ins, I've seen a lot of nastiness. Rape, murder, immolation, questionable mind-wiping, and even one guy getting the Three Stooges eye-poke clear through to the other side of his skull (From a Marvel Family villain, no less! At least Mr. Mind had the class to rack up his body count-off panel.), among other things. And I actually paid money for some of that. My judgment was probably questionable, but I did it, and there's no changing that.

But the way I see it, you now owe me this:

Pay up.


PS - To be fair, not all of the tie-ins were bad. Adam Strange was really quite good, and the Power Girl story in JSA Classified was a fun throwback to the 70s All-Star Comics run. So good job there.

PPS - All-Star Superman, Legion of Super-Heroes, and Jonah Hex are all terrific, too. More like those, please!

PPPS - I cribbed the "Showcase Presents" header template for the mock-up shown above from the Jonah Hex book. That image may explode in a mismatched genre supernova the likes of which the universe has never seen. So wear a helmet or something.

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