Not the sort of things I figured I'd have to deal with when I started working in a library.

As I mentioned in the last post, it's Finals Week here at the school (tonight's the last night, in fact), and since the school year is winding down, they're holding a lot of events and dinners and things in the school's so-called Grand Hall. Which is in the same building as the library. It's about 30 feet from where I'm sitting right now, in fact. And such events are usually pretty loud. The fact that the students who've been trying to study in here this week haven't risen up in armed, bloody revolt against the people in charge of these functions speaks well of the character of at least some of the school's population.

Tonight's event is a real humdinger, though. It's for the outgoing senior class, something to do with the Senior Class Gift, I think. And there's an open bar.

I'd like to know who uses the phrases "college students," "open bar," "in the same building as the library," and "during Finals Week" in the same sentence and arrives at the conclusion that it sounds like a good idea. Whenever they hold one of these things, I keep wishing some kid will stumble in, puke on a computer, and collapse on the floor, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, they'd actually think twice about this sort of thing next year.

But then I remember that this is largely a rich kid school, and that something like that wouldn't just be ignored, but possibly even celebrated.

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