My selfish wants.

So a lot of people out there in the comics bloggyverse are talking about the recent Superboy ruling (long story short, a judge said that the heirs of Jerry Siegel own Superboy, not DC Comics, and therefore, not Time-Warner), and how this affects stuff like Smallville and the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon. Now, this whole fooferaw is a capital B, capital D Big Deal – not just for the Siegels, DC, and Time-Warner, but also, I’d imagine, just about anyone who created a character under work for hire agreement. But there’s a question I have about how this all affects me personally.

Because it’s all about me, you see.

What I want to know is, what effect does this have on the publishing rights to pre-existing Superboy-related material, such as the Legion of Super-Heroes Archives series that I’ve only recently started collecting in the last year or two and currently only own the first 3 volumes of (with the fourth on the way thanks to eBay)? If this decision stands, and the Siegels don’t cut some sort of licensing deal with the Time-Warner suits, will these, and anything else that happens to reprint a Superboy appearance, have to go out of print? Because that would make me rather unhappy.

Siegels, if you’re out there… by all means, go for all the gusto you can grab in the name of justice for Joe and Jerry, but please don’t let this stuff disappear from the eyes of would-be readers. Specifically me. Thanks.

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