Celebration or Existential Crisis? U-Decide!

Sunday is my 30th birthday, and through a rather fancy bit of happenstance and some creative scheduling, I managed to wrangle a four day weekend out of it. So me no bloggy while I spend the next few days either celebrating or mourning the end of my 20s (probably a bit of both, truth be told). In the meantime, I leave you with this...

The Doctor (Tom Baker style)... sort of... as a Lego minifig, made with the ReasonablyClever.com mini-mizer! Okay, you have to use some imagination here, and it helps if you pretend the Pez dispenser is either the sonic screwdriver or a bag of jelly babies (mmm... jelly babies), but jeez, work with me, people!

See you on the other side of a new decade.

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