All is right with the world again.

Baseball's back. The Red Sox are playing their season opener against the Texas Rangers, and as I type this, they're up 5-0.

Ahhhhh. See? How could April not be better than March?

Related Cool Thing #1 - Local radio broadcast rights of Sox games have finally transferred to the Providence affiliate/carrier station of WEEI FM, the home station of the Red Sox. Before, the rights belonged to some local AM talk radio station that sounded like it was broadcasting from a small fishing boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I'm very happy about this... no more AM hiss, no more losing the signal whenever I drive underneath something, like a bridge, or some trees, or, you know, the sky.

Related Cool Thing #2 - The Rangers' second baseman Ian Kinsler got his first major league hit off of Curt Shilling in the third inning. They stopped the game, tossed the ball over to the Rangers dugout so Kinsler could keep it, and the crowd gave him a standing ovation. I love stuff like that.

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