Why DC's Who's Who rocks your lame ass (part 1 of probably a bunch)

Since the mid-80s, Marvel and DC fans have often argued over which series is the better collection of arcane comics lore - The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (or OHOTMU for the acronymically inclined) or Who's Who: The definitive Directory of the DC Universe.* To be honest, OHOTMU has the clear advantage in a number of categories: 3 to 4 page spreads for the more important characters, extremely comprehensive character histories, in-depth power descriptions, and of course, those insanely detailed technical drawings of any and every piece of equipment a character owns. If you know the individual functions of each of the Mandarin's 10 rings, you most likely own a complete run of OHOTMU. You do not, however, have a girlfriend.**

But does OHOTMU have the likes of indie comics legend Jaime Hernandez drawing members of the Legion of Super-Heroes?


(Hey, they kinda look like Maggie and Hopey dressed up for Halloween, don't they? I just noticed that. Cute.)

Awesomely eclectic art selections. This is why, despite some odd layouts and a somewhat bewildering abbreviation of character details, DC's Who's Who series rocks your lame ass.

And, admittedly, this is probably the only reason. But it's enough for me, dammit!

*Well, I've never actually heard or read any arguments about this, but seeing as comic book folks argue about everything, I figure it's a pretty safe assumption. And if you would please kindly refrain from poking holes in my thesis statement, I'd greatly appreciate it.

**This joke was required by law. You don't believe me? Look it up, fanboy.