So when does Terry Cashman write a team-specific version of "Talkin' Baseball" for me?

Some folks over on the message board for the Comic Geek Speak podcast decided to get one of those free Yahoo fantasy baseball leagues going. I like baseball and have no working knowledge at all how fantasy baseball works, so I figured it’d be fun to join up and probably lose horribly. (Hey, I’m a Red Sox fan… 2004 aside, I’m used to losing horribly)

I was initially disappointed by the fact that even though we’re a bunch of comic geeks, we had to use real baseball players – no choosing Bugs Bunny at all, much less to play all 9 positions at once, nor the X-Men, even though they played baseball all the damn time – but I got over that pretty quickly and was able to adapt a real world strategy for draft night (which was tonight). That strategy was to pre-select a bunch of players I liked in order to draft them for my team once my turn came up, watch helplessly as most of them got picked off one by one, and then pick some folks at random when I ran out people I actually knew. (I’m neither an avid sports journalism follower nor a stats guy, so my knowledge of folks beyond the confines of Fenway Park is kind of limited)

But in the end, I think I cobbled together a team that just might not lose it all, though I wouldn’t put any heavy money on me. Here is my roster:

C – Jason Veritek
1B – Kevin Millar
2B – Marcus Giles
3B – Eric Chavez
SS – Julio Lugo
OF – Hideki Matsui, Coco Crisp, Milton Bradley
Utility – Shea Hillenbrand
Bench – Preston Wilson, Mike Sweeney, Pedro Feliz, Dave Roberts

Starting Pitchers – Tim Wakefield, Randy Johnson
Relievers – Brian Fuentes, Tom Gordon
Other Pitchers – Matt Clement, Mike Timlin, Bronson Arroyo
Bench – Esteban Loaiza, Bruce Chen

Ladies and gentlemen, unless they get traded or I lose ‘em all to injury, these are your 2006… AMBUSH BUGS!

Look, I told you, it’s a league of comic book people. I’m surprised no one called their team The Last Picked.

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