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The Great eBay Purge of '06 continues! I'm currently selling off:

There may be more to add in the next few days, but I'm not 100% sure yet. I try to do things in bunches of 4 or 5 in order to keep myself from constantly running to the Post Office (bleh). So as always, bid early, often, and honestly!

I've seen a lot of people online complaining about Frank Miller's cover for the upcoming All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder, and Wow, Is This Title Ridiculously Long or What? #6:

...but I like it myself. For one thing, it ties into my admitted appreciation for cute depictions of Batgirl, and that's always a good thing. (Frank Miller can do cute? Who knew?) But beyond that, jangly earrings aside, this is actually a really good look for the character. Way better than that gimp outfit the Cassandra Cain version wore. And so - here's a phrase you don't see in the bloggyverse (or anywhere else online) much anymore - kudos to Frank the Tank on this one.


Brian Cronin over at Snark Free Waters presents "The I'ds of March," 15 posts about things he would've done differently if he were the one making the funny books.

Mike Sterling unearths (ouch!) the cutest horror host in comic book history. Comic book depictions of ghosts have no right to be that foxy. (Also, thanks to Mike for helping me finally get my hands on a copy Bone Vol. 9: Crown of Horns. Yay!)

Alex at Listen to Us, We're Right proposes a new offshoot of Team Comics.

BeaucoupKevin proves that DC Silver Age comics may be the best form of entertainment ever invented. And a few days ago, he rediscovered what is quite probably Dr. Doom's finest moment in the comic book medium.

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