Some quick comic book reactions.

There may be spoilers. So, you know, you've been warned.

Showcase Presents Superman Vol. 1 - Dear lord, I finally finished this! And it was a fun, if excessively goofy at times, read. I know a lot of people have had a hard time enjoying this book, but I think they're looking at it all wrong. Don't go into this expecting the stereotypical superhero stories. Instead, read this as a superhero sitcom. It's I Love Lucy or The Dick Van Dyke Show, but with superpowers. Story begins, wacky set-up occurs, hi-jinks ensue, story ends with everything exactly the way it was as when the story began. Rinse and repeat. Once you realize there's no difference between Lucy scheming to get into Ricky's show and Lois scheming to find out Superman's secret identity, everything falls neatly into place.

All-Star Superman 2
– Grant Morrison is obviously having fun with this book, and it shows. This issue was less about story than about some more of Grant’s patented “mad ideas,” but they’re such fun ideas that it’s hard to fault him for it. I keep saying how I want to wait for the trade on this, but let’s see how well my resolve holds up when issue 3 hits.

Nextwave 1 – This is the sort of comic book I dread – a first issue that makes me actually want to continue buying the series. Damn you, Warren Ellis, and your hilarious, over-the-top new team book with a catchy theme song and everything! I definitely need to see where this is heading.

Marvel Team-Up 16 – I’m liking this storyline so far, and I think these characters all play well together, but if this is one of those time travel stories where the heroes’ actions change history so that the story never actually took place (in the restored timeline, I mean), I’m gonna be a little pissed. If a story didn’t actually happen, then why did I have to read it?

LSH 13 – The war storyline comes to a satisfying, if a bit-too-quick ending, but the best part of this is that the best letter column in comics history returns. Woot! And don’t blink, or you’ll miss the new Polar Boy (and a recommendation for To Kill a Mockingbird – on sale now!).

Local 3 – Dammit! I haven’t been enjoying this book all that much, and planned to drop it unless #3 was really, really good. And wouldn’t you know it, #3 was really, really, really good. I suspect this is because Megan and her terrible decision making abilities weren’t the stars of this issue, but relegated instead to a small cameo. Honestly, though, this may be the best band/music biz-themed comic story I’ve ever read.

Maze Agency 2 – The mysteries may be a bit formulaic at times, but it’s the interplay of Jen, Gabe, Lt. Bliss and the other regulars that keeps me coming back. It’s not the greatest issue ever, but it’s entertaining and as warmly familiar as the detective fiction and television Mike W. Barr emulates with this book. This is comics-as-comfort food. Please keep it coming, IDW!

Infinite Crisis 4 – I was a little confused by what was going on with the Flashes, but the shenanigans of Superboy-Prime were literally jaw dropping (vayo con dios, 5th string Titans!), so it all evens out, I guess. I remain unapologetic in my like for this book.

Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed? – I think this may book be a little too cute for some people’s tastes, but I enjoyed it a lot. Most of the little 4 panel vignettes reminded me a lot of things Erin and I have done and conversations we’ve had (for example, I’ve pantsed her while she was brushing her teeth on more than one occasion, and we spend more time than is probably healthy discussing bodily functions), so I’m wondering if creator Jen Prince has actually been spying on us for the past few years. Hmmm… Anyway, if you like American Elf or Squarecat Comics, you should dig this, too.

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