Okay, ramblers, let's get ramblin' - comics style!

Hey, did you hear that there was a comic con in New York this weekend? Yeah, apparently a few people had a bit of trouble getting in or something.

Ah… super-narrow-focused understatement humor. Gotta love it.

Anyway, unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of word out about the first NY ComicCon around the inter-ma-net – some good, some not. In the end, people’s opinions about the success of the show seems to largely depend on which side of the door they were on when the Fire Marshal and the NY State Police cut off admission.

I don’t know… it sounds like it was a fun time (you know, provided you got in), but given the many stories of people turned away at the door and my seething hatred of super-crowded events, I can’t say I’m terribly upset I missed this one. I’m a more of a small con guy, myself, which is why Wizard World Boston was so much fun for me (grumble, grumble). Maybe I can make it down to Baltimore or Pittsburgh some year.

And for the record, I don’t think the actions of the NY authorities were wrong at all. If you wanna find out what can happen when fire codes and max. occupancy limits are blatantly ignored, go and Google “Station night club fire” sometime. I drive by that site at least once or twice a month. There’s still a makeshift memorial there. It’s still haunting.

Oh, Jonah Hex. Why does your new DC series have to be so damn good? The last thing I need right now is another monthly comic to buy. But I know that if I wait for the trade on a series like this, it’ll die off before it’s time.

Yeah, I know, issues 1 & 2 sold out. But a quick Google search shows the sales figures on #2 were 26,200, making it the number 78 book for December (don't have the link handy, sorry). So yeah, a respectable enough Top 100 showing for a non-cape book, but still not setting the world on fire. And given the inevitable nature of All Things Comic Booky, it’s bound to drop further, which will then fuel the inevitable Series Death Watch where self-proclaimed online pundits predict the book’s death for months on end.

So stop the cycle before it starts and give this book a try, if you haven’t. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray’s stories have been sort of formulaic for the first 4 issues – Hex tracks down a bounty, gets caught up in some local trouble because of it, shoots a whole lot of people dead, rinses and repeats – but it’s a formula that works really, really well, so I’m not one to judge. Whether you like your Westerns served up Sergio Leone style, or prefer the more modern approach of an Unforgiven or a Deadwood, there’s something you’ll like here. And if you don’t like Westerns at all, I ask you this: do you like the justice-motivated anti-hero type of character? Your Conans, your Punishers, your Dirty Harrys, your Charles Bronson in Death Wish types, your Batmen? Well, you’ll like Hex, too, so quit yer bellyachin’ and read the book already.

The art by Luke Ross is worth checking out, too… it’s sort of Cassaday-lite (I mean that in a good way).

And every issue so far has been a done-in-one story. Single issue stories! Remember those? No two-issue-at-best-yet-padded-out-to-six stories here!

So yeah, read the book. Please?

Finally checked out that Power Girl fan film everyone keeps talking about. I thought it was kinda funny, the coffee shop cameos were clever and well-handled, and I was especially impressed that the actress playing PG didn’t look completely ridiculous in the costume (even with the infamous peek-a-boo window - maybe it's almost generic nature of the costume that keeps it from looking completely stupid in real life?). Her voice, however… may I suggest that if the Last Daughter of Earth-2 Krypton (or would that be Krypton-2? I’m confused.) can’t lay off the smokes, maybe she could at least switch to lights? She sounds just a few short years away from doing the best Harvey Fierstein impersonation in the JSA. Look out, Ma Hunkel, you've been dethroned!

If you were me, not only would you be dealing with near-daily existential crises caused by your impending 3oth birthday (April 30th, for those of you playing at home), but you'd also have the following waiting for you at home in your DCBS shipment that arrived today:

Optic Nerve 10
Legion of Super-Heroes 14
Marvel Team-Up 17
I Heart Marvel: Web of Romance
JSA 82
Superman Chronicles Vol. 1

Woot, though a "woot" with an exception. I was supposed to get LSH 15, but Diamond shorted DCBS, so I didn't get it with this shipment. Last time Diamond shorted DCBS on a book I ordered, Adam Strange 8, they never refilled the order (stupid, stupid Diamond). DCBS credited my account, which was tres cool, but it took me months to track down the book. Long story short, I have no faith in Diamond's ability to meet its obligations to the consumer, so I bought LSH 15 at a local comic shop this weekend. So I have that to look forward to, also, which is nice.

Stupid, stupid Diamond.